Nyree Hodges grew up in Britain, CT; an only child of her strong loving mother. Her strong suits are intellectual speaking, poetry, and activism.  She is a 2016 graduate of The University of Bridgeport. During her undergraduate years, she contributed to writing for the University of Bridgeport’s school paper and became Creative Chair of a poetry club on campus called (S.L.A.M.) SOPHISTICATED LOVE OF THE ARTISTIC MIND. At UB, Nyree studied Literature and Civilization her year, and thereafter changed her major to Health Sciences. At the end of her undergraduate career, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science – Community Health Education. In September 2015 Nyree was an intern for a Grassroots Environmental Justice Campaign in Bridgeport, CT called Healthy CT Alliance. There she was responsible for learning about environmental injustices, educating the community, public speaking, and grassroots organizing. Her primary areas of interest are preserving the natural eco-system, implementing independent food resources in communities, promoting equality amongst all classes and corporations, and devolving society constructs.