Salvador Rubio, a resilient queer person of color trying to make an impact on the world through design. He currently is graduating from Mt. San Antonio College with an Associate of Science in Product Design and plans to transfer to a 4 year institution based in Los Angeles. Through his Industrial Design education Sal has found a love for working and creating with his hands which he sees as a very intimate process. His passions range from photography, to film, to daschunds, and the intersection between design and cultural awareness/empowerment. Sal is also deeply invested in making art education more relatable and accessible to everybody, especially younger people of color in LA County. Starting at 4 year institution and then moving to a 2 year community college he understands the importance of higher education and the necessity for diversity in academia. After receiving his bachelor’s degree he plans to obtain a master’s degree and then open a design consultancy that can act as a social enterprise. Sal believes that the collective power of creativity can change the world for good. Through YP4 Sal hopes to inspire and be inspired by the other fellows and is enthralled with the opportunity to sharpen his community building skills. Sal is also excited about the chance to grow and be a part of YP4 with his sister, Cassie Rubio, who is also a YP4 fellow for the 2018 Class. During his free time he enjoys spending time with his dog June and playing League of Legends but also loves to listen to musicals and Radiohead on repeat.