Samantha Lehman grew up in Sacramento California with her mother, an elementary school teacher.  One of her earliest memories is of walking a picket line with her mother.  From there, she was hooked on organizing. She earned her BA at Hampshire College, where she designed and carried out an ethnography of the peace movement in Israel/Palestine.  Since then she has started an innovative arts-centered elementary school, earned a teaching credential, and organized with youth and parents for educational equity in Oakland, California. Working with a faith-based community organization that put the experiences of the most-impacted at the center of their campaigns, she learned the power of storytelling to change the dominant narrative.  She worked on two civic engagement campaigns that specifically focused on engaging voters of color. The first of these campaigns successfully secured funding for California public schools at the ballot box; the second asked voters to contact members of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.  Samantha moved to Oregon, where she is excited to continue this work. Oregon has some of the least-affordable child care, and highest high school drop-out rates, in the nation.  With the upcoming elections and the 2017 Oregon legislative session, Samantha wad eager to use the Fellowship to build her skills, lift up the stories and experience of those most impacted, by this hopes to improve the education system and create change in Oregon.