Ms. Patel’s 2009 YP4 Fellowship experience gave her the tools to craft a successful campaign for Student Body Vice President while studying at the University of Arizona, a campus of 40,000+ students. During her tenure, she created a committee on campus sustainability, and directly managed a team of 17 students that advanced progressive causes including expanding women’s health and safety at the University, advocating for LGBTQ initiatives, increasing voter awareness and turnout, and enhancing student’s cultural experiences.After graduating, (inspired by C.J. Craig from the “West Wing”), she worked as a Communications Intern in Washington D.C. for Representative Eliot Engle. There she gained invaluable knowledge on the inner workings of campaigning and the political process. She also interned at a polling firm, gathering data integral to framing campaign messages. Following her internship, Ms. Patel began law school at Chicago Kent College of Law and has served as a matrimonial law attorney for a law firm in Downtown Chicago. Her legal practice involves both litigation and out-of court negotiating. She remains committed to progressive causes including food justice and reducing and eliminating the cycles of domestic violence.