Steven Romeo

Steven Romeo, originally from Tampa, Fl. was a 2010 Fellow, and former Alumni Board Member. He worked as the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer) Programs Associate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Steven managed the SafeZone program by writing curriculum and developing Peer Educators to be leaders for LGBTQ safety on UAB’s campus. Through the SafeZone program Steven brought in speakers, trained students and educated community members on what it means to be an effective ally to the LGBTQ Community.Before joining UAB, he completed his B.A. in Political Science from The University of Alabama, and pursued a Masters of Public Administration Program at UAB.In addition, Steven served on the Board of Directors for Equality Alabama, and the Alumni Board for Young People For, and served as the Board Chair and Founder of The Change Project. Steven has worked with the National Student Power Convergence. He was mentor for YP4 for three years, and a fourth year blueprint reader and selection committee member.


Location: Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

    Issues Areas:
  • Education Justice
  • Trans* and Queer Liberation

Campus: University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa, AL

Fellowship Class Year: 2010

Blueprint: Justice for LGBT Students

Steven's Blueprint addressed school safety with specific regard to LGBT high school students. Because conservatism and closed-mindedness contributed to the institutionalization of bullying, the largest issue he worked to mitigate was the length of time Alabama students had been told homosexuality is an immoral choice, along with the South's religious fervor that made a point to target homosexuals.