Suryaa Murali is from Fremont CA. As an ACE action Fellow for the 2015-16 Bay Area cohort, he has worked in coalition building, legislation, service, and event planning related to climate change. By doing work with ACE he was able to see that we have the capability to make social change happen to better our planet. The real issue today is people conforming to society’s so-called limitations and structure in the realm of politics, economics, and authority. People tend to make decisions that are not necessarily the best in regards to justice or society because of conforming. This world does not need economic, political, or psychological change to change for the better. It needs Moral change. He believes each one of us needs to make good moral decisions in order to stop the gridlock that is holding us back from achieving social justice in all aspects. To make change happen we must all come together with the one vision to save our planet for future generations. Suryaa hopes to build a network of like-minded people in order to achieve his goal of creating one vision based on moral values. Effective altruism is another one of his values, and it’s basically the philosophy that applies effective and evidence-based decision making. Through YP4 Suryaa took measures to make collective power, effective altruism, and moral decisions the norm of society.