Valerie was born in Los Angeles, California and has lived with her mother, two brothers and two sisters in South Central, California. She moved to South Central during her freshmen year and joined the Eco Club to work for a better environment and because of her teacher, Robert Jeffers, who introduced her to the many reasons we should care about the environment. The love of nature and smiles it brought to people faces she cared about were life changing. She is motivated to continue making changes in her community on an ongoing basis. Valerie was the ASB president and hosted beautification days on her campuses on Saturdays. She’s also been the Soccer captain, an Eco club member, the YES Audubon Leader, LA Audubon Restoration leader, LA Audubon Intern, Santa Monica Aquarium volunteer, Golf Manager, Student Run LA member, and an Action Fellow with ACE. Juggling all these incredible experiences only grew her love for the work she did. She wants to change and spread awareness throughout her community. Valerie attended Vanguard University Southern California. She majored in Biology and Minored in Communications. Her long-term goal is to be the Mayor of Los Angeles and to travel to all 50 States. She loves camping, hiking, tubing, cliff jumping, swimming, shopping, EATING, playing soccer, listening to music and lip syncing. She loves animals, long boarding and snap chat.