Varun is a queer, feminist, South Asian activist, educator, scholar, and writer. He studied Sociology at the University of Connecticut where he completed an Honors thesis on queer undocumented immigrant youth organizing. He co-facilitated the Men’s Project, a sexual violence prevention training program for male-identified students, and founded and led the Civic Scholars Collective, a mentorship, and discussion group for students in the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. He performed research and outreach to address health inequities in the Hartford area and ensured patients at local hospitals received culturally and linguistically competent care. He is also committed to helping minority and immigrant youth overcome educational barriers. In addition, he has worked to support sustainable economic development in Guatemala and co-authored a clinician’s guide on intersexuality. As a major proponent of self-care, he is a fan of live music, cats, tattoos, and wine, in moderation of course!