Zena Ali is an Egyptian-American. She is very passionate about minority-owned businesses growth within her community.  Her dream is to work with Arab-owned businesses and analyze their progress. Her goal is to give these businesses the opportunity to branch out. She plans to attend North Carolina A&T for the fall semester and then UNC Charlotte for the spring semester with a major in international business. In the past, she has worked for two Arab-owned businesses, including her father’s.  What she realized during this experience was that these businesses struggle in competition against those who are more privileged.  Some of her achievements are the following: Treasurer of National Honor Society, Member of the National Technical Honor Society, Vice-president of Communities in Schools, and Secretary of Student Government at Northern Nash High School.  Her parents brought the family to America to provide them with a better education and more opportunities. In the process of getting an education, Zena also learned how to have an open mind and a passion for others’ happiness. She says “The way to satisfaction is the freedom of choice and acceptance of one’s circumstance.” Because of this passion, she felt the need to Join Young People For because their main goal is to target hidden issues within communities. This was exactly where she feels she can make a change.