As young people, our social, economic, and political futures are shaped greatly by the courts. Whether in our favor, or against us, the decisions made in the courtroom have and will continue to impact young people and marginalized communities for decades.

This is why it matters WHO is making those decisions.

Judges on the federal bench are nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate to hold LIFETIME appointments. All of these nominations, including Trump’s recent extremely conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, must be confirmed or rejected by our Senators. It’s up to us to hold them accountable to filling the courts with judges that will stand up for our lives, not threaten them.

And there couldn’t be a better time to do this. We are now the largest voting bloc in the country, and midterm elections are just around the corner.


“As a Black, gay man of color, I cannot overlook how much work has been done by this legal system in this country to promote the acceptance and normalization of literally all of my identities. There is no part of me that has not been touched by the mighty powers of our courts, from the places I can go while in public, doors I am allowed to enter businesses with, and even my freedom to marry whomever I so choose. However, there has been a very clear and tangible shift in the direction in which the courts are taking.”

“We remained hopeful that justice would be served, and that we could finally live a peaceful life; however, just two months after oral arguments were heard, news broke of their decision: a tie. The Supreme Court was deadlocked by a 4-4 vote, upholding the appeals court decision and shutting down DAPA. We were devastated, once again, and found ourselves back in the same scenario: surviving the best we could. It was a stark reminder of the power of courts, and how lives can either be brought together or torn apart as a result.”

“When I look back, the hardest part of my abortion was accessing it. I continue to carry the stigma of having abortion. I never thought I could get pregnant, and lost so many old friends who blamed me for putting myself in this situation. When I needed support the most, I only received backlash. A year later now, I know that this was the right decision for me. Attacks on any aspect of abortion access, whether it’s insurance bans, week-specific bans, or the overturning of Roe v. Wade, terrifies me.”


Share how the courts have impacted your life or that of your community through the #OurCourtsOurLives hashtag to join a national conversation to demand judges that will stand up for our lives.