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We Need to Talk About Bisexual Women’s Health

Bisexual erasure is real and it impacts our health. As a bisexual woman, I see how our experiences are made invisible. Within the mainstream gay and lesbian movements, our workplace,…

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YP4 Mobilized 30,000 Voters in 2014

Every two years, YP4 conducts a nonpartisan voter mobilization program to increase the participation and representation of young people in the electoral process. We focus not only on presidential election…

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Even in a Bad News Election, Young Progressives Win

This piece was originally published in the Huffington Post. Watching the news last week, you’d think the midterm elections brought only bad news for those of us who care about progressive…

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Getting Out the Youth Vote in the Midterms

  This piece was originally posted on the People For Foundation blog. With elections for tight races all across the country just a few days away, People For the American…

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YP4 Announces Houston Vote Summit, August 5-7

YP4 is excited to announce that approximately 30 YP4 Fellows and alumni will be attending a Vote Summit in Houston, Texas from August 5-7 to receive comprehensive training on how…