Lessons I Should Have Learned

College– a strange and new territory. A fresh start. A new chapter. A place of self-discovery, cramming for midterms in the library, and trying to drown out your pounding hangover…


The Importance of Self Care in the Movement

This weekend, my mother came to visit me to check-in after having being on the receiving end of numerous late night phone calls from me where I worked through frustration and anger at the disinterest of…

2007 Alumna Jess Klein trains on self-care

Self Care and Sustainability: Avoiding Burnout on College Campuses

We all know the struggle. As student activists, we can have five classes, two jobs, five meetings, three protests, and about a million other engagements in any given week. While…

A group of holds a Black Lives Matter Sign

Stay Woke and Stay Whole: Giving Ourselves the Space to be Free

As activists, we are taught how to become conscious. We are shown statistics, given books and attend trainings to give ourselves a full understanding of the way institutionalized oppression works…

Self Care

Self-Care Is Part of the Revolution

Originally posted on the Black Youth Project Blog. Written by YP4’s Fellowship Program Manager Marion Andrew Humphrey, Jr.  The term ‘self care’ has played an integral role in my work…