A Reflection on Whole Woman’s Health

I’ve spent a majority of my life living in the Lone Star State. My high school mascot was a cowboy, I have a deep love of Whataburger and Blue Bell…

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YP4’14 Cortney Sanders Explains What’s At Stake in Fisher v. UT Austin

On Wednesday, December 9th, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Fisher v. UT Austin II, the second iteration of a landmark case on universities’ abilities to employ affirmative action policies…

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Fellows Launch Little Black Book on Courts

In the months after YP4’s Inaugural Courts Matter Training, fellows returned to their communities and strategized ways to incorporate a courts lens into their day-to-day work. As fellows reached out…


The Supreme Court Steps in to Save Texas’ Abortion Clinics

By Christina Tudor, 2015 YP4 Fellow Recently the Supreme Court stepped in to keep several Texas abortion clinics open—for now. This last minute Hail Mary indicates that there is a…


Hobby Lobby: One Year Later

By Christina Tudor, 2015 YP4 Fellow The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) recently released a report listing all the ways in which the year old Hobby Lobby decision has opened…

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Supreme Court’s Schuette Decision Has Big Implications for Campus Composition and Climate

By Rayza Goldmsith ’11 Last Tuesday, the US Supreme Court upheld a 2006 Michigan constitutional amendment banning the use of affirmative action in public universities’ admissions decisions. As Justice Sotomayor…