Community colleges educate approximately half of all undergraduate-level students in the US and encompass some of the most diverse and under-resourced student bodies. Because of this, they are a key places in which to focus youth leadership development and civic engagement work.

As part of YP4’s 2015 programming, we are furthering our investment in community college students by dedicating more resources to recruit, train, and work with students who attend (or have previously attend) community colleges. As such, we will be hosting a Community College Institute, during which time we will create space specifically catered to the community college students in our network in order to better serve them through our various leadership development programs.

This work is made possible through the generosity of the Rappaport Family Foundation.

Over the next year, over 50 YP4 Fellows and alumni will participate in YP4’s Courts Matter collaborative campaign in order to learn how they can use courts as avenues for progressive change. To kickstart this campaign, 40 Fellows and alumni will attend YP4’s Courts Matter Training from January 19th to 20th (immediately following the 10th annual National Summit) to strategize ways to mobilize their communities around the courts.

If you are interested in participating in YP4’s Courts Matter campaign or the Courts Matter Training from January 19th-20th, please contact YP4’s Courts Matter consultant Poy Winichakul at