A student from Bowling Green State University giving a respectful welcome in response to sexist banners

Why You Should Care about Sexist Banners at Your College’s Opening Weekend

“Fathers, drop your daughters off here for freshmen orientation.” “Daughter drop off” “We’ll trade beers for girls” “Fathers, thank you for sending us your daughters.” I remember my first day…


The Supreme Court Steps in to Save Texas’ Abortion Clinics

By Christina Tudor, 2015 YP4 Fellow Recently the Supreme Court stepped in to keep several Texas abortion clinics open—for now. This last minute Hail Mary indicates that there is a…


Hobby Lobby: One Year Later

By Christina Tudor, 2015 YP4 Fellow The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) recently released a report listing all the ways in which the year old Hobby Lobby decision has opened…


The American Constitution Society Convention: A Reflection

By Christina Tudor, 2015 YP4 Fellow About a week ago I walked twenty five minutes to the closest Forever 21 in pursuit of a professional-looking jacket at a reasonable price….

Activists Hold Red Signs that Say Equality Now
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The Supreme Court’s Attack on Working Women

Written by Beth Huong ’10 Last Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in two critical cases with major implications for working women. The Supreme Court ruled once again that corporations are…