If you have any inquiries regarding YP4′s Fellowship Program, we encourage you to look through the FAQs listed here. Just click on a question and the answer will appear below.

If for any reason your questions were not answered here, please email youngpeoplefor@pfaw.org.

What is the YP4 Fellowship?

YP4 is a non partisan year long fellowship program that provides an opportunity for progressive young people to develop leadership skills and connect with a network of other progressive leaders, while creating meaningful social change in their communities.The yearlong program provides each Fellow with:

  1. Trainings on social justice, power analysis, and organizing
  2. Tactical trainings on skills like fundraising, media outreach, and budgeting
  3. Networking and community-building opportunities
  4. Support to implement a community action plan called a Blueprint for Social Justice
  5. Professional development support and Fem/Mentorship during and after the Fellowship year


What is a Blueprint for Social Justice?

The Blueprint for Social Justice  is a community action plan created by each Fellow to address a need in their campus and/or community. YP4 provides Fellows with the training, Fem/Mentorship, resources, and technical assistance necessary to ensure their Blueprints can be supported over the long-term.  

YP4 doesn’t tell Fellows what to think or what issues to work on. Rather, we equip Fellows with the tools they need to work with those around them in determining which issue and approach is best suited for their community. Some of the projects we support include Blueprints designed to:

  1. Organize the student body or a community around an important issue
  2. Advocate for a certain community being impacted by an issue, but whose voices are not being heard
  3. Launch leadership, education, or Fem/Mentorship programs
  4. Spearhead campus resolutions that concretely improve the quality of life for students, faculty, workers, or the surrounding community
  5. Create new alliances, coalitions, and networks on campus
What is the Regional Training?

All Fellows begin their YP4 experience over the summer at one of our three Regional Trainings, which take place in different cities across the country. At the four-day Regional Trainings, Fellows meet with 30-40 other young activists and organizers from their region, YP4 staff and Alumni, and organizational partners from the area. The focus of these initial trainings is individual capacity-building and leadership development.

Fellows are introduced to progressive values through workshops and discussions on power, privilege, oppression, intersectionality, allyship, personal storytelling, community building, and more. In addition, issue area experts join us to train the Fellows on topics ranging from environmental and reproductive justice to voting rights work. At these trainings, Fellows begin to draft a proposal for their Blueprint for Social Justice, the project they will lead in their own community later in the Fellowship year.

The Regional Trainings occur in different regions of the country. Exact locations change year to year. In 2017, Regional Trainings will be held in:  Los Angeles, California June 15th-  June 18th ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 13th- July 16th; and Dallas, Texas August 10th- August 13th. 

Attending a Regional Training  is a requirement of the Fellowship. Not attending results in forfeiture of the program.

What is the National Summit?

Each winter all Fellows who have successfully submitted a draft of their Blueprint for Social Justice, come together for a National Summit which are four days of trainings, workshops, and networking. At the Summit, Fellows meet other young progressive leaders from all over the country and learn powerful strategies for creating sustainable change on campuses and in their communities. 

Fellows are expected to attend the full National Summit over the extended weekend. However, exceptions can be made on an individual basis if this presents an issue. YP4 covers the cost of Fellows’ accommodations and most meals, and works with Fellows to ensure they are able to afford their travel to the Summit.

Can I stay in my city?

Yes. YP4’s Fellowship supports its Fellows where they are. All Fellows meet twice in the Fellowship year, during the Regional Training and the National Summit, but the bulk of the work is done in each Fellow’s community.

What are the time commitments and requirements?

There are requirements to be met throughout the Fellowship year that will call for varying degrees of time commitment. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Attending a Regional Training over the summer during a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday)
  2. Attending the National Summit over a long weekend in February (Thursday-Sunday)
  3. Drafting and Implementing a Blueprint for Social Justice
  4. Engaging in leadership and Blueprint development opportunities throughout the year
  5. Engaging in recruitment for YP4
Who is eligible for the YP4 Fellowship? Can I still apply even if I’m not a student?

You do not need to be a currently-enrolled student to apply for the YP4 Fellowship. YP4 works with a multitude of young people across the country. They come from all different backgrounds, but they all share a common vision of a more progressive future and want to make change in their communities now.

The majority of our Fellows are 18-24 years of age.  However, if you identify as a progressive young person who wants to create positive social change in your community but you fall outside of that age bracket, we will still consider your application. We aim to meet each Fellow, or potential Fellow, where they are.

If you have additional questions about your eligibility, please contact youngepeoplefor@pfaw.org.

If accepted to the program, can I defer my Fellowship?

We do not defer admission into the YP4 Fellowship program, but we encourage you to apply next year.

Will it cost me to be a part of the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is unpaid, however it will not cost you any money to be a part of the program. The only costs associated with the Fellowship include travel to and from the Regional Training and National Summit, however YP4 does have some funds available for need-based travel scholarships. All lodging and most meals at trainings are covered by YP4.

What happens after the Fellowship year?

YP4’s leadership development model is rooted in a lifelong commitment to the young people who come through the program. YP4 does not invest for a few months or even just a year; YP4 invests for a lifetime.

YP4’s Alumni network is made up of nearly 1,700 progressive leaders. Check out our Alumni programs and opportunities here.

When do applications open?

The applications for the 2018-2019 Fellowship Class open October 1st 2017. We encourage you to apply on our website when the applications go live!