Every fall, YP4 staff works diligently to match members of the current YP4 Fellowship Class with members of the Alumni Network as fem/mentors. This year, we’re continuing that process by reaching out to y’all and asking you to serve as femmetors and mentors to our 2016 YP4 Fellowship Class. 
As y’all know, the Fem/Mentorship process is an integral component of the YP4 Fellowship. Not only does this process allow Fellows to connect with the program between Regional Trainings and National Summit, it offers our Fellows the opportunity to connect with strategic thought-partners authentically committed to their personal and professional success.
This year, we are actively recruiting Fem/Mentors for our 2016-2017 Fellows. We are excited to work with members of the Alumni Network representing different class years, identities, and experiences with YP4 through this process.
To make this program a success, we need the following from you:
– Committment to joining a Fem/mentorship on-boarding call with YP4 staff the week of 9/12 (Time: TBD based on folks’ schedules)
– Commitment to make contact with your fem/mentees twice a month October through National Summit — be that in email, in-person, over the phone, or over Facetime, whatever works for y’all.
– Commitment to offering feedback to staff to enrich the Fem/mentorship process.
To make this program a success, we commit the following to you:
– Each Fem/mentor will be assigned a Staff Point of Contact who will reach out to you 2-3 times over the course of the fall to touch base on any thorny questions or conversations you encounter.
– YP4 staff will be available for those participating in the fem/mentorship process for the first time to model conversations and be intentional about building relationships with Fellows.
– Members of our YP4 Advisory Council Fem/Mentorship Working Group will circulate monthly “Fem/Mentorship Tips” to provide y’all with articles, resources, and best practices in doing this work.
– YP4 staff will prioritize Fem/Mentors in applications for National Summit Trainers and next year’s Advisory Council.
*** If you’re interested, please complete this form by 11:59PM ET on Monday, 9/5 ****