We’re currently seeking members of the YP4 Alumni Network and current Fellowship Class to contribute regular content for publication on the YP4 website through our 2016-2017 Blog Team, a group of folks committed to developing our blog into a space of spirited debate around issues affecting our movement. 

The Young People For Blog is a forum where the voices of young organizers are uplifted and shared with a wide audience. It serves as a platform for Fellows to write about the issues they care about, share their activism, develop their voices and multiple identities, cultivate a sense of community, build influence, and collectively debate strategies about the wide range of issues that affect young people everywhere.
YP4 commits to developing members of the Blog Team into even stronger writers by:
– Facilitating trainings for our Blog Team on writing for online and print publication — including specific modules on op-ed writing and blogging.
– Connecting our Blog Team members to opportunities to work alongisde partner organizations to develop their thought-leadership in the movement.
– Ensuring that each writer leaves the YP4 Blog Team with a handful of strong writing samples to submit to future employers.
– Promoting our writers’ work through our YP4 social media channels, our email newsletters, and in our training curriculua.

YP4 asks that our Blog Team members:
– Contribute thoughtful, 800 to 1,000-word pieces at least once a month to Saryn Francis, our Communications Associate, for publication on our website.
– Adhere to a collectively agreed upon editorial calendar with clear deadlines for rough and final drafts of major pieces.
– Participate in routine conference or video calls to discuss best practices in writing for online publication.
– Commit to promoting their work through their own social networks to build a personal following and the following of YP4.
– Leverage their audience with the YP4 network to drive meaningful conversations around the future of this movement.
At present, we are not in a position to pay contributors to our blog. However, we are seeking funding to allot small stipends to contributors. We will follow up with selected writers on this front before asking them to accept or decline an offer to join our Blog Team.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please feel free to reach out to Saryn Francis at sfrancis@pfaw.org. Please read through each question carefully and answer in complete sentences.

Applications are due September 12th, (9/12), 11:59 EST.