Through our vote initiative, we facilitate a nonpartisan education program on the importance of voting to engage young people in deconstructing how voting impacts the issues that they care about. This initiative gives our network the tools and resources to understand the political system, and make their voice heard within it. Our work emphasizes the importance of reaching youth and other historically marginalized communities in the political process.

Some of the opportunities and resources we provide to Fellows and Alumni as part of the Vote Initiative include:

  • Training webinars to deconstruct the political system and how voting relates to the issues young people care about.


  • Support and resources for Fellows and Alumni organizing voter engagement efforts in their communities.



One program the Fellows have decided to work on is the Fellow led “Arrive with Five” pledge program – a get-out-the-vote effort that encourages youth, people of color, women, seniors, and people with disabilities to become active participants in the electoral process. By pledging to “Arrive with Five,” voters pledge to vote on Election Day and commit to bringing five friends or family members to the polls.

By civically engaging more young people in understanding the political system and how it can become more accessible, the YP4 vote initiative works toward building a society where young people are better able to hold their representatives accountable.

Learn more about the impact of YP4’s 2016 Vote Program here!   

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