As a result of COVID-19, a lot of people in our network have been greatly impacted in a variety of ways. This has pushed us to think creatively about what community support can look like virtually. 

The current Alumni Council proposed an idea for a YP4 Alumni Virtual Barter system that would allow folks to share resources and services that they are in need of and are able to offer the network. 

Following the Alumni Council’s direction, we’ve created a Google Excel document that will be the home for YP4’s virtual barter.

Please don’t hesitate to use this resource to ask for help and/or offer your support and brilliance to the YP4 fam. Whether you are in need of a tutor, a yoga teacher looking to teach, or can offer to pick up groceries for someone, this virtual barter serves as the resource hub for YP4 Alumni. 

Find the virtual barter here.
post in the virtual barter here.